Titans of Tomorrow

Myths are fabled stories, delving back to the very beginnings of recorded history, that offer an interpretation of some natural phenomenon or some long-established value system.  In the absence of scientific knowledge, our primitive forefathers imagined creative explanations of the origin of things, such as the heavens, the change in seasons, the role of life and death.  All nature was animated -- all things were persons.  Idly roaming, free from the laws of science, our forefathers' fancies evolved for them some of the most poetic tales the world has ever known.

Today, in our era of science, the universe still hasn't yielded its secrets.  We launch spacecrafts to distant planets; yet we cannot replicate the splendors of a bee's aerodynamics.  We split atoms to heat nations; yet the theory of a unifying force is far from proven.  We can break down  the evolutionary steps from primate to modern man; yet the proliferation of metahumans is a mind-boggling enigma.  We can understand how matter can be converted to varying forms; yet the power of magic escapes our minds.

Welcome to the role-playing campaign for Titans of Tomorrow.

Titans of Tomorrow is a comic book-style PBeM, like the campaigns that revolve around the Marvel Super Heroes and DC Heroes gaming systems, but with an interesting slant.  In traditional PBeM campaigns, the players have little control over events on a grand scale -- they simply react to what the GM devises.  In ToT, however, the players and GM work together to develop ongoing plotlines, with the results to monthly adventures chronicled on the ToT web page by player-written short stories.  In essence, the players will be like our primitive forefathers, scribing modern tales about men or women representing the very splendors that keep our universe an undying mystery.

Titans of Tomorrow is a completely non-commercial PBeM campaign run by Charlie Ball.

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