NPC Roster

The following non-player characters are known to exist in the ToT campaign. A brief description of the characters are given. Everything here is public knowledge. (Note that many of the characters still require a write-up, which will be coming shortly. As new NPCs are introduced, this list will be updated.)
Dr. Arachno
Badass Five
Kevin Barnes
Black Mass
Black Phoenix
Black Priest
Blue Screen
Blue Ensign
El Brazos de Fuerza
Brickwork Men
The Bronzeman
The Brotherhood of Man
Jonny Cache
Canadian Shield
Michael Carleton
Cassandra Lore
Bradley Champion
Buck Champion
The Dictator
Steve Doerksen
Max Dynamo
Dyson the Screamer
Ebon Knight
The Ensigns
Ezra Jones
The Forgotten
Grey Wolf
Generallisimo Juan Hernandez
Imperious Maximus
Iron Maiden
El Jaguar
Lady Hecate
Liberation Coalition
Live Wire
Lord Sin
Man at Arms
Matrons of Mayhem
Mercury Squad
Mike Muscleman
The Nebraskan
New Legends
The Nighthawks
Oblivion (El Oscuro)
Omega Revenge Squad
The Opportunity
The Porter
Maximillian Powers
Purgatory Prime
Red Ensign
Red Lion
Royal Elite
Scorpion (La Escorpiona)
Sisters of Hope
Los Soldados
Star Master
Steel Saturn
Avery Stone
Lexi Stone
Street Assassin
Stretchin' Gretchen
Dr. Stygia
Tank (El Tanque)
Think Tank
El Tornado
The Tyrannical Trio
Jorges Villanova
The Waxman
White Ensign
Dr. Wight
Woman In Red
The Zebra

Abattoir: Serial killer Ullyses Kirkpatrick underwent a grueling experiment that transformed him into Abattoir, a horrifying grotesquery of muscle, sinew, claws, and teeth. Once in solitary confinement at Purgatory Prime, Abattoir recently escaped to continue his bloodletting. It is now believed that the experiment that supposedly created Abattoir actually galvanized a spiritual symbiosis between Kirkpatrick and Grendel, the great monster of Old English legend, and Abattoir is the composite being of the two. The fearless and malevolent Abattoir is as equally calculating as it is vicious, and shows no remorse or mercy. He was last seen tumbling into an unknown dimension while battling Autocrat.

Dr. Arachno: 1980s supervillain, Dr. Arachno is a discredited biologist and arachnophile who genetically engineered giant spiders and sent them out on missions of conquest. No one knows why. Arachno was eaten by his creations a long time ago.

Atlantid: Twin brother to Caryatid, he possesses immense superhuman strength, endurance and resistance to harm. Atlantid is named after the man-shaped pillars found supporting many ancient Greco-Roman structures. He and his sister both apparently died while fighting heroically in the recent Battle for Ireland.

Autocrat: Autocrat is the mysterious overlord of the Royal Elite. He is incredibly intelligent, vain, and mad. His great desires have been to cleanse the world of humans, amalgamate all metas, and assimilate anything that evokes power. His life is predominated by these three ultimate goals. In his last bid for power over Ireland, he was defeated and sent tumbling into an unknown dimension in battle against Abattoir.

Avatar: Avatar is a powerful hero, presumed to be descended from the great Babylonian king, Gilgamesh. In addition to possessing the godly strength, endurance, and fighting prowess of his forefather, Avatar also possesses the power of Marduk, the great Babylonian deity. Many news journalists and metahumans consider him Earth's front runner. However, his standing with mankind has been badly shaken in the aftermath of the Ireland War with the Royal Elite.

Badass Five: This is a band of five tough but not so bright supervillains, who terrorized the United States in the early 1990s. The Badass Five were led by Kickass; its original membership also included Mofo, Dangerous, Street Assassin, and the Chain. Of the five members, only the Chain is currently an active supervillain.

Bandita: Actual name Angelica Villanova, a low-powered supervillainess with a western motif, armed with high-powered six-guns. She is a third-generation supervillainess, following in the footsteps of her father and grandfather, El Bandito. She is also the mother of Omega’s illegitimate son, Jorges Villanova.

Kevin Barnes: Disaffected marine sergeant accidentally granted superhuman abilities during the Battle for Ireland, and who chose to use them to commit crimes. Barnes possesses extremely high levels of super-strength and toughness, plus matter manipulation abilities.  He bears a grudge against metahumans -- particularly the Protectorate -- for causing the Ireland crisis.

Baroness: An elegant highborn with special time-twisting powers, the lady known as Baroness joined the ranks of the Royal Elite to help expedite the team's cause. She is able to slip out of synch with the timestream, and assists the Elite by slowing the actions of opponents and letting her cohorts move more swiftly. During the Ireland War, when things turned against the Royal Elite, she and her teammate Mastodon were forced to escape into the timestream and haven't been seen since.

Barracuda: An amphibious metahuman villain, Barracuda possesses the ability to breath water or air, super strength, sharp teeth and is one of the fastest swimmers on Earth. During the Ireland War, he received a pardon for his assistance to the allies.

Battlemaster: A metahuman with extensive knowledge of weapons, tactics and military history, Battlemaster uses a suit of powered armor and weapons made entirely out of dark energy.

Black Priest: Black Priest has lived for millenia and has seen the world as it truly is -- a spawning ground for hatred, needless suffering, and bloodletting. He responded to this dark influence by becoming an amoral and brutal minister. Insane and power-hungry, he has mastered the blacks arts of the arcane and has subverted a worldwide cult to his preachings.

Black Mass: Disciples of the Black Priest, the Black Mass exists to incite anarchy among the populace of any given city, bringing new allies into the cause of chaotic evil. There are many members of this dark congregation residing throughout various parts of the globe. Doppleganger, Macha, Misfit, and Sandstone pose as the movement's apostles.

Black Phoenix: Thug in a battlesuit of unknown origin, a member of the Omega Revenge Squad. Black Phoenix was killed by Bandita in defense of her son Jorges.

Blaze: Blaze is a handsome blond man who usually wears a slightly ruffled lawyer's suit. He possesses mystic powers, specifically the ability to generate and control hellfire. He claims to also go by the names Wrath, one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and Ba'al, the Philistine god who ultimately became one of Satan's fallen angels. From time he has been seen wielding a flaming scythe, claiming that he was granted the tool by Death after beating it in a game of chance. He currently holds membership with the Canadian Shield.

Blue Screen: A supervillain who has the ability to project azure-like force screens to various effects. A member of S.N.A.F.U.

Blockade: Framed for murder by Lady Hecate, professional wrestler Barry Roberts was forced to work for the powerful matriarch. Granted insurmountable strength and resistance to harm, Roberts was then ordered to infiltrate the Canadian Shield and betray the team. He joined the ranks of the super-powered team, but chose to sacrifice himself rather than betray them. Found innocent of his so-called crime, Barry Roberts returned to the Canadian Shield, taking on his professional wrestling name, Blockade.

Blue Ensign: The Ensigns resident mentalist, Blue Ensign has the ability to influence others' emotions, see through other peoples' eyes, speak with others telepathically over great distances, immobilize foes with a mental attack, and has even shown some ability to influence the actions of animals, especially avians. She is also an extremely gifted athlete and combatant, and is considered one of the top martial artists in the world, as well as a very good pilot.

Blur: Blur is a teenaged speedster residing in Los Angeles. She has learned that there is a great responsibility with her fleet-footed abilities, and uses her hyper-speed to fight crime. Blur has been known to burst into sprints that break the sound barrier, run up and down walls, and make herself virtually invisible to her assailants. She is free-spirited, punchy, and photogenic.

Board: A branch of the FBI designed to deal specifically with metahuman crimes, this organization is facilitated across the United States by twenty-four agents called the Draughstmen.

Botanist: Stormlord's longtime fiancee and the only person who always took his side in arguments. She has plant control powers. After the New Legends broke up, she married her lover and moved to South America to save the rainforest.

Brainchild: A sixteen-year old Japanese computer software magnate, Katsuyari Onuki became one of Autocrat's agents. He is one of the Earth's foremost mentalists, displaying vast telepathic, illusionary, and telekinetic abilities. Previously, he served as a loyal member of the Royal Elite, but after losing a confrontation with Mindshadow, she intentionally brought his conscience to the fore, forcing him to confront the magnitude of his deeds. Now trying to atone for his crimes, Brainchild is constantly tormented by his own deeds and struggles with his guilt.

El Brazos de Fuerza: Literally "The Strongarm," El Brazo Fuerzo is a recently retired Mexican superhero. He has only slightly lower levels of strength than Avatar. In addition to protecting Mexico City, El Brazo would challenge anyone who entered Mexico or the American southwest and displayed superhuman strength and toughness, and those who defeated him would earn a great boon. The three opponents who defeated him were Avatar, the Forgotten, and Omega. He has since retired, though he was called up for emergency services during the Battle for Ireland.

Brickwork Men: Eight monstrous concrete and brick automatons that the Brickyard can summon to defend him.

Brickyard: A common laborer who gained powers when he stole an Apache amulet from the site of an archeological dig, Brickyard is a member of the Tyrannical Trio. He possesses superhuman strength and toughness, and can summon eight Brickwork Men to defend him. Although he was given a pardon for his services during the Ireland War, he soon returned to a life of crime.

Britannia: Tall, comely, and athletic, Britannia is a helmeted woman with an impervious shield and trident. She uses her trident to tap into the electromagnetic stress patterns of the Earth itself, allowing her to fire static bolts of force and manipulate fields of polarity. Britannia is the guiding force behind the Sisters of Hope.

The Bronzeman: Los Angeles based superhero, who gained superpowers in 1980 when his body was consumed by nanotechnology from an alien probe. After the nanites began to die off and his powers waned, the Bronzeman went into retirement. He hasn't been an active superhero since 1990.

The Brotherhood of Man: A politically powerful and growing organization of people who believe that metahumans are a threat to normal humans and society. Composed of politicians, lawyers, and other professionals, most of them advocate that metahumanity needs to be regulated and controlled. However, some more radical factions advocate stronger measures, including open warfare and terrorism.

Jonny Cache: Jonny Cache, or simply Cache, is an able-bodied Frenchman who's essentially a walking hardware depot; his bodysuit is swathed with utility compartments, and from these compartments he's able to assemble just about any type of weapon or piece of equipment imaginable. His older sister, Repertoire, died heroically in the recent Ireland fiasco.

Canadian Shield: This special team of super-powered heroes was recruited by the Department of National Defense to protect Canada's interests. Based in a secret stronghold hidden somewhere beneath the Hudson Bay, this mythic team consists of Catamount, Cavalier, Blaze, Blockade, Nereid, Sylph, and Trickster.

Michael Carleton: Extremely formidable sorcerer, former acolyte (and now enemy) of the Black Priest. He’s Omega’s closest friend and confidante, though their friendship is frequently tumultuous and Michael’s long-term goals remain a mystery.

Carnifactor: A 12' tall monster summoned by Ezra Jones to do his dirty work while he's in prison. Carnifactor's powers include driving those around him to fear or bloodlust, depending on their fight or flight impulses.

Caryatid: Twin sister to Atlantid, she possesses immense superhuman strength, endurance and resistance to harm. Caryatid is named after the woman-shaped pillars found supporting many ancient Greco-Roman structures. She and her brother both apparently died while fighting heroically in the recent Battle for Ireland.

Cassandra Lore: She's a young practitioner of the mystic arts, who has her spellbooks downloaded onto a hand-held computer and her incantations recorded onto an MP3 player. She is essentially a modern-day mage.

Catamount: The man known as Catamount evolved into a slightly bestial human through an old Cree curse. He possesses superhuman strength, agility, reflexes, and regeneration; he commonly uses his sharp incisors and retractable claw-like fingernails as weapons; and he can enter almost mystical realms of perception with his hyper-keen senses. Wild and brash, he has mellowed somewhat during his tenure with the Canadian Shield, though he is still capable of ferocious outbreaks when allies are threatened. He is not afraid to make tough decisions.

Cavalier: Leader of the Canadian Shield, Cavalier is a master swordsman and skilled combatant. He wields an elaborate sword made of a black steel, a blade that has cleaved through solid stone and iron while in his hands. >From time he has been seen wearing a suit of mystical armor, but for the most part he is usually seen wearing civilian clothes and a leather duster jacket.

The Chain: The Chain is an extremely powerful and tough hit man supervillain, who can charge up his fists with telekinetic chains and use them to punch an opponent with devastating effect. He was the most powerful member of the defunct Badass Five supervillain team throughout all of its incarnations; recently he has developed a strong hatred toward the Los Angeles metahuman Omega, who nearly killed him on their first encounter. He was issued a pardon by the government for his assistance during the Ireland War, but backslid and joined the Omega Revenge Squad.

Bradley Champion: Omega’s father; like most of his family, Bradley is a low-level metahuman, though he’s hidden that from the world.

Buck Champion: Omega’s cousin, who sustained serious brain injuries when he was 12, and now suffers from occasional seizures and psychotic episodes. Like most of his family, Buck is a low-level metahuman sho’s capable of bench pressing half a ton.

Chessmaster: Chessmaster enjoys playing the role of the nemesis by testing his skills and attributes against heroes and villains. He has trained his body and mind both intensively and extensively. Able to utilize 100% of his brain capacity, he has immense information processing skills, and uses this ability to better himself by studying all potential opponents. He is also a scientific genius and has developed a number of technological marvels far ahead of his time.

Comedienne: A former exotic dancer, stand-up comic and performer, Gerry DiFranco has the unique psychic ability to cause those that watch or listen to her to become fixated with her performances. Her victims are generally incapacitated, usually catatonic with awe or prone to uncontrollable fits of laughter.

Constantine: Tall, muscular and wearing medieval armor, Constantine is one of the Yeomen and apparently has his bloodlines somewhere within Arthurian legend.  He wields a mighty halberd, and his superhuman strength allows him to use his weapon to cleave through just about anything.

Core: The so-called "Child of the Earth's Core" claims to be the last survivor of the Mantle Men, a now dead race of humanoids who lived deep beneath the earth, and who were devoted to the destruction of the surface world. Core is one of the world's most powerful "brick" supervillains; he can draw on almost limitless physical strength, but his "power cascade" requires time to reach its peak efficiency, and the more Core moves, the weaker he gets -- and these vulnerabilities have led to his defeat on numerous occasions. Core works as a freelance mercenary, but his hatred for all humanity makes him an unreliable employee.

Corridor: A man who's able to essentially generate intradimensional corridors to freely transport people and objects over a 200 kilometer distance. He recently came to light as a member of the Opportunity.

Dangerous: Former college football star Walt Thomlinson gained his superpowers when he sold his soul to the "devil" (this was later revealed to be an extradimensional imp playing a prank), to win the Rose Bowl. Dangerous worked for the Waxman, and was a member of the Badass Five. When Dangerous learned that he had not sold his soul to Evil, he surrendered to the authorities, served a prison sentence, and now works for Nike as a trainer for their superheroes. He and Omega don’t like each other, and Dangerous’s recent attempt to get back at Omega was broken up by Spirit Shout.

Deadstar: Deadstar is a Matron of Mayhem. Able to tap into the electromagnetic power of a quantum gravity well, she can channel great amounts of cosmic energy, allowing her to fly, cast solar bolts, and manipulate the forces of gravity.

Delta: One of the original members of the disbanded US Special Ops team the Nighthawks. Her exotic powers, or even whether or not she is an Exotic at all, are not publicly known. The call sign is only known due to certain documents leaked to the press by Congress. Speculation, apparently based solely on the call sign, is that Delta may be the same metahuman known as Trickster.

The Dictator: An insane engineer with a Marxist/Revolutionary bent, the Dictator is a genius capable of building giant robots and sophisticated battle-armor, and brainwashing people with psionic impressions left on any print medium.

Steve Doerksen: Omega’s second cousin, a childhood enemy turned friend.

Doppleganger: Doppleganger is a young, rebellious malcontent who doesn't see the light in Black Priest's goal, but very much enjoys the course his movement is taking. He possesses the superhuman ability to mimic the appearance, manners, and abilities of any living organism, especially human or humanoid, allowing him to be quite infamous.

Draughtsmen: The 24 members of the Draughtsmen act as the field agents for the federal police force known as the Board. Armed with a battery of high-tech weapons, these agents protect the country's interests from the ever-encroaching threat of metahuman criminals. There are two equally divided teams of Draughtsmen: Team Black and Team White.

Drexar: One of the alien superbeings who returned from Zero Prison with Echelon. Drexar is a giant alien humanoid, reddish-orange skin, bone spikes coming from his shoulders. A super soldier, he was sentenced to Zero Prison when he was unable to adapt to a peaceful society.

Max Dynamo: Heavyweight boxer Maxwell Dynes was once the top contender, however a sexual assault scandal placed him from mass notoriety to complete oblivion. Ten years after his disappearance from professional boxing, Dynes has now resurfaced. Armed with nuclear-powered gauntlets and calling himself Max Dynamo, Dynes is the Liberation Coalition's resident muscle.

Dyson the Screamer: A metahuman supervillain, recently freed from Prime, he possesses a sonic scream capable of generating sonic blasts.

Ebon Knight: A fanatical Batman fan, he modeled his costume and weapons after the comic-book hero. Unlike the fictional Caped Crusader, Ebon Knight actually possessed the ability to transmute matter. He was killed by Lord Sin.

Echelon: A former Protectorate member, Echelon was a superhero who had undergone several bionic and mutagenic operations in order to stand out from his metahuman peers. His jealousy of Avatar grew during his tenure with the super-team, so much in fact that he turned on the Protectorate and aided an alien battalion in attacking Earth. Echelon has since been bound to a interdimensional nether-prison by Avatar.

Echo: One of the original members of the disbanded US Special Ops team the Nighthawks. Echo has exotic abilities related to sound generation and absorption, and is able to fly by using molecular vibration to move himself through the air. His flight is generally completely silent unless he is moving at top speed. It was the fortuitous connection of his call-sign with his powers that led the Nighthawks to later assign call-signs which were based upon the agent's powers.

Electron: Japanese electronics technician who willingly participated in an experiment to become a "living electricity" she could better spy on the competition. When she was caught, the company officially disavowed her, so Electron became a mercenary supervillain for hire.

The Ensigns: The Ensigns are a three-member team, which consists of White Ensign, the team leader, Red Ensign, and Blue Ensign. Each of the three has been a member of the English military for at least five years. They have been extensively trained in combat, espionage, survival, and technology. There is little that they cannot do. In addition, they have each been knighted, showing that the English royalty is behind these figures all the way.

Ezra Jones: A crotchety, eccentric 70-year-old North Carolina warlock, responsible for the Zebra's superpowers, among many other feats of sorcery. Currently imprisoned in Purgatory Prime.

Fist: Fist is a martial artist turned mercenary who sells his services to the highest bidder. He tends to be found in the employment of organized crime outfits or short-handed teams of villains. In a world of sophisticated weapons, Fist prides himself in besting his opponents unarmed. He was issued a pardon by the government for his assistance during the Ireland War.

The Forgotten: He is the most mysterious superhero that the world has ever known. Everyone vaguely recalls that the Forgotten existed, and that he had superhuman strength and toughness, but no one remembers much else about him, including when he first appeared, when he was active, and when he vanished. All physical records of the Forgotten's existence have vanished -- or no longer mention him.

Frostbite: A fellow Sister of Hope, Frostbite is a pale, cold-skinned heroine with the ability to generate varying degrees of cold. By absorbing ambient moisture, she can cast constructs of snow and ice, and uses these powers to help innocent women in need.

Ghoul: The Ghoul is cursed with the need to plunder the boroughs and feed on the dead. Ghastly thin and decaying, he uses his curse to root the criminal element out of the slums in order to quench his undying hunger.

Glitch: A supervillainess sabateour who has the ability to cause devices to fail in her presence. A member of S.N.A.F.U.

Gremlin: A supervillain sabateour with the ability to shrink and some mechanical knowledge. A member of S.N.A.F.U.

Grey Wolf: An actual werewolf, he pretended to have been empowered by the Bicentennial Boom so that he could operate in public. He often lied to and kept secrets from the rest of the team. Believed to have been slain by Lord Sin, as he disappeared during the battle.

Hack: A mystic powerhouse, Hack possess superhuman strength, endurance and wields a powerful chainsaw. Hack's features are obscured by a hockey mask, similar to a cinematic psychotic. In his last confrontation against Omega, Knock-Out and Canadian Shield, he and his partner Orchid were defeated and sent to Purgatory Prime.

Halcyon: Halcyon is a Los Angeles superhero who once possessed impressive, almost angelic powers, such as the ability to fly and to generate light-based attacks. However, following an encounter with the Black Priest in 1987, he lost much of his metahuman abilities. Nowadays, he's merely a shadow of his former self.

Harbinger: A powerful psionic, specializing in teleportation, psi-strikes and mind control. Former associate of the Royal Elite, now currently quietly retired and caring for his sister.

Hardware: An expert gadgeteer, inventor and technician. He formerly used his expertise for crimes, but is currently pardoned for his contributions during the Ireland War.

Harridan: Harridan is a crone who is versed in witchcraft. She is most noted for her ability to transform her familiar, a small toad, into just about any kind of creature, monster, or living thing she desires. She is a member of the Matrons of Mayhem.

Hellblade: Hellblade is a devil-worshipping mercenary supervillain, who claims he has access to the "armory of Hell," and who has an arsenal of weapons empowered by black magic. Hellblade has worked with Core on numerous occasions.

Hellhound: A mystically powered psychopath, formerly the minion of the Black Priest. Hellhound was thrown through into the nether-world of Kur during a 1995 battle against Avatar and hasn't been seen since.

Generallisimo Juan Hernandez: Juan Hernandez is the President of the Central American island-country of Santo Domingo, and has waged a never-ending war against North America capitalism. Utilizing his mental powers and superhuman strength, he has grown as an influential and stalward symbol of Hispanic unity.

Herzog: German teleporter, a minor member of the Royal Elite. Insecure subject of late-1990s teleportation experiments who bonded with an experimental teleportation machine. Captured during the invasion of Ireland.

Hex: Hex is a humanoid construct bridging the worlds of technology and magic together. She has four arms, two of which are slightly bionic, and a DNA computer grafted in her head. She uses her super-scientific cybernetics to weave chaos spells, which allow her to manipulate the fields of probability. Such spells come in the forms of varying grades of luck or jinxes. Hex is a member of the Sisters of Hope.

Hoodlum: This Vietnamese-born strongman and knife-fighter is the current leader of the supervillain team, the Opportunity.

IB2Tap: In a world full of people who think they are hackers, IB2Tap stands head and shoulders above them. He (or She) is widely known for being a grey-hat cracker -- someone who breaks into places to demonstrate the security holes, then often fixes the holes and leaves, or at least e-mails the administrator from his own account detailing the ways that security can be fixed. Most security people consider IB2Tap to be a good guy/gal, sort of, as there has never been any actual damage (other than to egos) attributed directly to IB2Tap.

Impact: A metahuman villain, recently freed from Purgatory Prime. He possesses superspeed and hyper-keen reflexes, and has trained in martial arts that utilize his speed abilities.

Imperious Maximus: Created by the Dictator, this huge robot was designed primarily to wreak havoc and destruction. There have been at least four incarnations of Imperious Maximus, each more heavily armed than the previous versions.

Iron Maiden: Iron Maiden is an imposing heroine, possessing superhuman strength, speed, and resistance. Her fighting prowess and stature are so renowned that it has become her trademark. She is a member of the Sisters of Hope.

Jabberwock: The Jabberwock is a riddling supervillain who can transform himself into a weirdly formed monster with huge fangs and claws. He is a member of the Tyrannical Trio. Although he was given a pardon for his services during the Ireland War, he soon returned to a life of crime.

El Jaguar: With the aid of an amulet found at a Mayan stepped pyramid, the metahuman known as Jaguar can transform into the human embodiment of his namesake. With his great agility, speed, and deadly teeth and claws, he was a most definite asset to Los Soldados. Unfortunately, his whereaouts are unknown since their recent clash with the Nighthawks.

Kickass: Kickass is the name of twenty street gang members who were enchanted by the Black Priest so they could combine to form a being that was twenty times stronger and faster than a normal man, and had the combined knowledge and skills of twenty men -- albeit twenty street gang members. Kickass led several incarnations of the Badass Five, until he was defeated by the Sisters of Hope, who managed to permanently break the Priest's enchantment and separate them into their base members.

Krios: Member of the disbanded Special Ops team The Nighthawks. Krios has exotic abilities related to cold generation, and is known to tire quickly in warm climates. Krios does not exhibit the raw power of Permafrost, but has years of advanced training in the use of his powers for doing damage to an opponent. Since the breakup of the Nighthawks, Krios is rumored to have hired himself out occasionally as a hitman, as long as the target met his approval.

Lady Hecate: Lady Hecate acts as leader of the Matrons of Mayhem, regarding herself as the ultimate matriarch. She sees men as nothing more than servile slaves and playthings. She is very charismatic, seductive, and vain. In fact, she is so incredibly obsessed with herself, she has been known to kill men for not answering her beckoned call. Her unique ability to control molecules makes her a foe to be reckoned with.

Liberation Coalition: A non-metahuman super-group that catalyzed from the anti-metahuman backlash that generated immediately after the Battle for Ireland. The team is sanctioned by Powers Corp International and current members include Jonny Cache, Max Dynamo, Cassandra Lore, Steel Saturn and Comedienne.

Lioness: Originally a highly-skilled acrobat and martial artist, Lioness became a member of the Protectorate when an open membership call was issued by Zodiac. After a short stay with the team, she was sidelined for a time by injuries incurred during a confrontation with the Royal Elite. Now Lioness has returned to the ranks of the Protectorate new and improved -- as a super-agile were-cat.

Live Wire: A human superconductor, Live Wire turned his ability to channel electricity to a profit by becoming a freelance criminal. He holds a long-standing grudge against the Board, who have foiled his scandalous plans on several occasions, and finally placed him under the care of Mike Muscleman. He has since earned a pardon for his previous crimes for his assistance during the Ireland War.

Livrum: One of the alien superbeings who returned from Zero Prison with Echelon, Livrum is described as an ornately crafted wooden box, with green gossamer-like tendrils coming from it. A prophetess, she guides her teammates with her abilities to sense the future.

Lord Sin: A Black Priest wannabee, fortunately neither as powerful nor competent as the evil one. Gifted with sorcerous powers by the Bicentennial Boom, he repeatedly clashed with the New Legends. In fact, while Lord Sin devised his mightiest achievement, and empowerment spell to grant himself godlike powers, the New Legends intervened and Tick-Tock ultimately sacrificed himself. But instead of stopping the spell, the magic was sent into the past to create the Boom. Infuriated, Lord Sin killed several more Legends, the last of which was Talion. Lord Sin was disintegrated by the backlash, and presumably went straight to Hell. During his life, Lord Sin had a wide variety of "black magic" spells, but was best at demon summoning.

Macha: Macha is an all-mighty war-maiden who services Black Priest's cause in hopes that the powerful minister will bring back her true love, the Irish hero Cuchulain, from the dead. She possesses unearthly physical prowess and has a telepathic affinity with crows and ravens. An unrelenting fighter, Macha often carries two spears and two swords.

Man at Arms: A former Marine determined to prove that even the best weapon was only as good as the man who used it; Fred Miller is a highly trained hand to hand combatant who uses the latest in high tech weapons to primitive knives and nets to equally deadly effect. He prefers to scout his foes before engaging. While he'll sell his services as a mercenary, he has a particular disdain and drive to take on those heroes or villains that rely (in his opinion) overly on either powers instead of skill, or count on a particular device exclusively. .

Manslaughter: Sylvester Manning, who would one day be Manslaughter was nothing more than a thug who stumbled upon a suit of power armor. Empowered, he sold his services as a high tech mercenary. He eventually gave up his humanity to have the devices removed from the armor, and implanted into his body. The cyborg has a reinforced endo skeleton (a polymer-laced boron combat chasis), various spikes and razors that protrude on command, enhanced strength, and infrared sensors. Manslaughter has developed a taste for his namesake activity. He was last seen in Ireland.

Mastodon: A tall and powerfully built blue blood, Mastodon is the Royal Elite's resident strongman and enforcer. His combat tactics rely heavily on his quickness and resistance to injury, granting him the ability to charge into opponents and obstacles with devastating effects. During the Ireland War, when things turned against the Royal Elite, he and his teammate Baroness were forced to escape into the timestream and haven't been seen since.

Mastiff: Feral, menacing, and superhumanly powerful, Mastiff is a psychopath who often uses his violent tendancies as a freelance hitman. Through the years he has consolidated the street gangs of Hell's Kitchen. He uses the gangs he controls, the Dog Pack and the Hell Hounds, to run a protection racket among the local shop owners. Mastiff's role as a boss has in no way stopped him from taking lucrative contracts and going on sprees of homicidal mania.

Matrons of Mayhem: A band of villainous females who have made it their goal to subvert patriarchy in the world. They hold a large grudge against the Sisters of Hope, whom were responsible for many of their defeats. Lady Hecate, Deadstar, Harridan, Virago, and Vox are members of this radical feminist group.

Mechani-gal: Once a normal woman, Mechani-gal had most of her body replaced with computerized machinery, turning her into a cyborg. The process drove her partially mad, and she hunted down those who had ordered her transformation. She was given a pardon and fought on the side of the Allies during the Ireland War, and was seemingly destroyed in battle.

Mercury Squad: A team of commandos, intelligence officers, et cetera turned privateer; they now work for Mark Barrington, a.k.a. Watchman. They sell their services to the highest bidder. Members are drawn from Special Forces teams around the world.

Metatron: Once a member of the highest level of the Royal Elite's peerage, Metatron was Autocrat's only known son. He possessed incredible electromagnetic powers and was able to accelerate the particles of organic matter, discharge static bolts of ions, and phase through solid objects. Metatron died during a climatic battle against the Protectorate and Think Tank in 1984.

Mezmera: A young metahuman girl who uses her power of suggestion to commit petty fraud and crimes. Mezmera's powers can compel other people to obey her commands and alter their short-term memory and perceptions. She received a pardon for her crimes for her assistance during the Ireland War, but has since returned to crime.

Mighty: A taciturn man of great strength and durability. He was believed by the rest of the team to be Speedbump's lover. After the breakup of the New Legends, he continued patrolling the Twin Cities area solo. Never talkative, he's become downright silent in recent years, and a sentence over one word in length is considered an event.

Misfit: Misfit was a skilled thief and burglar who has since joined the ranks of Black Mass because of her powers and reckless abandon. She possesses the ability to alter probability, causing improbable events to occur. Misfit is emotionally unstable, however, having manic depression, and her "luck" powers fluctuate on the axis of her mental state.

Mofo: Mofo is a street gang leader who was bequeathed mental powers by a psionic supervillain during his execution, which he would possess as long as he tortured and murdered people. Mofo was a member of the Badass Five through all of its incarnations.

Moonbeam: Member of the disbanded Special Ops team The Nighthawks. Moonbeam has exotic powers, including flight and extreme resistance to most forms of damage. Her cute name belies her killer instinct.

Mike Muscleman: An outstanding intellect with the physique of a quintessential bodybuilder. He is the chief executive officer of Biocorp, the flagship research facility of genetics and biological medicine. He tends to frown upon people who call him Mike Muscleman, and really has not forgiven Forbes for creating the nickname in one of their cover stories on him.

The Nebraskan: Nebraska's first masked superhero, who patrolled Omaha on a teleporting horse twenty years ago, and then mysteriously vanished. No one knows the Nebraskan's actual identity. The Nebraskan had marginal superhuman strength and agility.

Necessity: This older woman is renowned as one of the chief suppliers, dealers, and experts in the world of paranormal high tech. She considers herself totally neutral in matters of villainy or heroism; willing to deal with either. She's occasionally acted in a non-mercenary manner when it struck her fancy. Her true identity is unknown, but she may have been one of the council of experts who helped originally with the Draughtsman project. Necessity is not above rigging the tech she makes to deactivate should it be used against her.

Nereid: The amphibious, nymph-like lady known as Nereid was born with special aquatic powers, and eventually was recruited by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to join the ranks of the Canadian Shield. Today, she continues to serve the Canadan Shield as one of its special operatives. Nereid is the twin sister of Sylph.

New Legends: This minor-league superteam operated in Minnesota from 1976 (most of them got their powers in the "Bicentennial Boom" incident) to 1981. Despite a fairly large membership, internal squabbling and poor tactics kept the Legends from ever living up to their name. Indeed, the Badass Five hit Minneapolis because lack of coverage made them think the city had no heroes at all. In late 1981, the team battled Lord Sin, a recurring foe of theirs, and by a freak causal loop, caused his empowerment spell to travel back in time and create the Bicentennial Boom itself. Frustrated, Lord Sin went berserk and killed several of the Legends. Last to go was Talion, reduced to his component atoms by a powerful spell. This did the same thing to Lord Sin, and since he'd created his base by magic, it collapsed in on itself, the remaining heroes barely escaping with their lives.

The Nighthawks: A Special Ops team run by the United States Government, comprised of (at times) up to nine super-powered agents, called Exotics. All of the members are known or assumed to have been involved in performing assassinations for the U.S. Earliest members of the team were given standard call letters (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta...) whereas later members were given more representative call signs. Little is known about the team, its members, or the circumstances of its disbanding. The final surviving members were code-named Delta, Echo, Krios, Moonbeam, Salvage, and Umbra.

Oblivion (El Oscuro): Dark and ominous, the Hispanic Oblivion is one with the shadows. He is able to create pockets of shadowy force that he can beld and control at his will. The name "Oblivion" was assigned to him by an American journalist -- in Spanish he is known as "El Oscuro" -- "The Dark One" or "The Hidden One." He is a member of Los Soldados.

Omega Revenge Squad: A one-time alliance of Omega’s old enemies, the members included the Brickyard, the team was led by the Woman in Red, and consisted of the Carnefactor, the Chain, Core, Dr. Stygia, Hellblade, The Jabberwok, The Porter, and Kevin Barnes.

Omni-Man: Extremely skilled ex-NASA engineer who uses "super-chemistry" to transform objects, Omni-Man had a lucrative career as a supervillain. He reformed in the early 1990s and now works as a consultant for the Board.

The Opportunity: Minor league supervillain team based in the Pacific Northwest. Membership include Transit, Corridor, Hoodlum, and Samhain.

Orchid: A mystic femme fatale, Orchid is an avatar of the demon lord Daxrathas and possesses a number of mystic powers including superhuman strength, speed, teleportation, mind control and the ability to gain strength from the blood of her victims. She prefers not to attack the helpless or children. In her last confrontation against Omega, Knock-Out and Canadian Shield, she and her partner Hack were defeated and sent to Purgatory Prime.

Outsider: The origin of the trenchcoated man known as the Outsider is a mystery. He first appeared on the streets of Chicago back in 1916, where his brand of vigilantism seared through the city's seemy underbelly. The fact that he is still active today makes him even more ominous. Armed with two automatic pistols, and using his ability to travel between shadowed areas, the Outsider has joined the Protectorate to show the world that he is its dark avenger.

Pantomime: Donning the attire of an actual mime artist, Pantomime possesses a unique ability to generate invisible fields of force that are dependant on his miming talents. This silent, meager, and emotionally barren crimefighter operates out of the Philadelphia area.

Paragon: Paragon is an artificially intelligent humanoid construct, composed completely of nanotechnology. The android possesses a self-learning brain module, with photographic memory, allowing him to calculate and formulate ideas, plans, and conclusions at super-genius levels. The nanites that makeup Paragon's bodily composition allow him to graft all types of weapons and equipment from parts of himself.

Pelinore: Hidden behind a suit of medieval plate armor, Pelinore's lineage is somehow tied to the Arthurian legends. A gorgon of sorts, he can turn the living into stone with a mere glance of his eyes. He wears a helmet to control his power.

Permafrost: A young man from Alberta who was chosen by the Inuit god Tornarsuk to be a living bridge between the old peoples and the modern world, John Wolfe was made the guardian vessel of fifteen Inuit tornaq (spirits), giving him superhuman strength, toughness, and command over the ice and snow (including the ability to form vast blizzards).

Pendragon: Apparently a descendent of King Arthur, Pendragon is the leader of the Yeomen.  He wields a large shield, one that he uses as a medium to harness and expell beams of great cosmic energies.

Portent: Rebecca Waters is a Witch and Pagan who follows the Wiccan Rede. While she dislikes the religious intolerance she must often face, she is not so naïve as to believe all who are interested in the Occult are benevolent. She's an almost uncanny knack for the reading of auras, precognition, and astral travel. Whether this is psychic ability shrouded in mysticism, or her own growth in magic is unknown. As Portent she's most often seen as a ghostly astral form that appears to give warning/advice. Some call her "The Lady in White." Her personal life is a bit more pedestrian. Becky is a florist in Baltimore living with one oversized basset named "Sparky", forgoing the traditional cats.

The Porter: The Porter is a wise-cracking teleporting supervillain, who is able to create gateways to distant places. He is believed to be retired and living on a large Bahamian estate.

Maxmillian Powers: The chief executive officer of Powers Corp International, the cold-hearted Maximillian Powers is the ultimate crime boss. Always covering his tracks, Powers has yet to be found guilty of any crime. His pathological need to be in control of everything he oversees has made him the kingpin of New York City's largest crime outfit.

Proctor: A blue-blooded metahuman possessing nigh invulnerability, unearthly strength, and the abilities to fly and generate psychokinetic constructs. He was a recent recruit with the Royal Elite, however, he died at the hands of Jacob during the Battle for Ireland.

Prometheus: A genetically engineered superhuman, Prometheus possesses a short-term precognitive ability that allows him to see approximately a minute into the future. He also has enhanced reflexes and agility, which makes use of his precognitive abilities and has been trained via brain-taping in a variety of combat skills. He possesses a love of life and a desire to protect and guide Humanity. His principle weakness is that he has the emotional development of an eight-year-old. Like most precognitives, he has occasional uncontrolled flashes of the future beyond a minute up to an hour.

Protectorate: This team of iconic superbeings is sponsored by the United Nations to protect the Earth from threats it cannot fathom. Based in a monolithic satellite of completely alien design, this team provides the ultimate defense to the world below, dealing with threats ranging from invasions from distant worlds to super-terrorists trained to obliterate entire countries. This roster of heroes varies from time to time, but its current members are Avatar, Paragon, Trinity, the Outsider, Lioness, and Zodiac.

Psi-Chic: A psionic femme fatale, Psi-chic is an assassin who uses her invisible telekinetic powers on her victim's internal anatomy, enabling her to kill her victims with little or no sign of foul play. She received a pardon for her crimes for her assistance during the Ireland War, but has since returned to crime.

Psi-clops: Scientist Walter Niederer was involved in a lab experiment which accidentally bombarded him with cosmic radiation. While the mishap blinded him,it also mutated his physique, turning him into a pasty white behemoth. Determined to regain his vision, Niederer developed a headset that stimulated inactive areas of his brain -- a device that has in fact granted him extrasensory perception as well as other mental powers. Now inflicted by delusions of grandeur, Niederer goes by the name Psi-clops.

Pumice: Geologist Matt Pearson acquired powers when he came in contact with a Mexican coatl that lived inside a volcano. Pumice has superhuman strength and toughness, and could generate cracks of molten lava from his body. Pumice became Nike's third sponsored superhero, but went insane under mysterious circumstances.

Purgatory Prime: Situated on a man-made island off the Gulf of Alaska, Purgatory Prime is a maximum security penitentiary specially designed for the incarceration of metahuman criminals and super-powered villain types. Many powerful individuals have languished within its walls, and all these individuals were under the careful watch of the Warders.

Rebound: A supervillain metahuman recently freed from Prime, Rebound possesses the ability to stretch and morph his body in a variety of shapes and disguise his features into other people or objects.

Recoil: Super strong female who gets stronger by absorbing kinetic energy from enemy blows and bullets. Previous worked for organized crime families, Recoil was issued pardon for her crimes for her services for the Allies during the Ireland War.

Red Ensign: Through sheer acts of willpower, Red Ensign can alter his physical size from one inch to thirty feet, thus increasing or decreasing his agility, strength, resistance to damage, and so on. He also carries miniaturized technology with him that becomes useful when he is at his miniaturized heights, such as a set of motorized wings, offensive weaponry, and electrical and computer taps that allow him access to nearly any form of high technology.

Red Lion: Damon Charles is a former Irish fireman and boxer who was granted a key to Faerie, which he frequently visits. Whenever he enters the Faerie Realm, Damon acquires superhuman abilities, which he uses to perform heroic deeds in there, and superheroic deeds in ours. Red Lion's abilities often include superhuman strength and toughness, but there can be substantial variation after each visit.

Regina: One of the alien superbeings who returned from Zero Prison with Echelon, Regina is a green alien humanoid sorceress. She is also Echelon's wife.

Repertoire: An agent for the French government, she was a martial artist, a strategist and an espionage expert. In battle, she wore a bodysuit studded with a repertoire of artifacts that she could quickly assemble into just about any weapon or piece of equipment to accommodate her for a wide range of situations. She died while fighting heroically in the recent Battle for Ireland.

Rook: A recent recruit for the Royal Elite, Rook is a cyborg with the ability to ionize whatever he touches. Among his other abilities, he is able to download combat information and adapt his fighting style to his opponents. During the Ireland War, he was defeated by Old Glory and fell down a power shaft on Celestial Keep during the Ireland War.

Royal Elite: Under the leadership of Autocrat, the Royal Elite is a band of super-powered aristocrats who want to rule the world. Their superiority complex is twofold: first, they are part of an elite class of nobility; second, they are metahumans and believe to be the pinnacle of human evolution. The Royal Elite claim to be Earth's ultimate representatives, seeing it a matter of course that they should reign supreme. Other members include Brainchild, Mastodon, Baroness, and Vamp. In their latest plot over Ireland however, the Royal Elite were finally dealt their biggest defeat and their members have since been scattered and their leader has been lost in another dimension.

Sandstone: Sandstone is a powerful earth elemental summoned and bound to the material plane by the Black Priest. A tortured spirit, this humanoid giant is an engine of destruction, leading Black Mass on its course to chaos.

Salvage: Member of the disbanded Special Ops team The Nighthawks. Salvage has the exotic ability to create machinery out of any available components, apparently at will, but subject to the possible combinations of the components at hand. Very well liked across the Third World, where he often helps out by fixing broken equipment at no charge (beyond an occasional meal or room for the night).

Samhain: An albino master of fear, Samhain is a member of a minor-league supervillain team called the Opportunity.

Sargon: One of the alien superbeings who returned from Zero Prison with Echelon. A flying wolf-serpent, with hyper-keen senses.

Satellites: The criminal hirelings of Star Master. He usually dresses them alike and gives them names based on manmade satellites. Known members have included Telstar, Mir, Sputnik and Skylab. They are generally armed with ordinary handguns, but will sometimes be equipped with special devices if they know a superhero is nearby.

Scorpion (La Escorpiona): Slender and sinuous, the Latin American metahuman known as Scorpion uses her ability to generate bolts of bio-electricity to help with her revolutionary cause. She is a member of Los Soldados.

She-Cat: Born male, She-Cat became a female felinoid as a result of the Bicentennial Boom, and couldn't have been happier about it. Unfortunately, she hadn't been very stable to begin with, and her new biochemistry caused her to have severe behavioral problems. She also had awful taste in men, sleeping with (among others) Lord Sin, Mofo of the Badass Five, and the head of the Minnesota Mafia. After the breakup of the New Legends, she went into therapy. A drug regimen was found that controls her behavioral problems, but it has reduced her reaction time and balance to merely human, so she's retired from the hero business. She is currently an Edina housewife with two apparently normal children.

Shinobi: Dark, mysterious, and seductive, Shinobi is a master thief and ninja. She has had her body augmented through a series of cybernetic experiments in order to make herself more formidable. Bionic implants grant her increased physical prowess as well as the ability to interface with computers and security systems.

Sisters of Hope: This team of super-feminists formed solely to help advocate women's rights and sexual equality. Keeping with their cause, the Sisters of Hope concentrate on protecting women, sending out a message that women are able-bodied -- that they matter and count in this predominantly chauvinist world. The team consists of Britannia, Frostbite, Hex, and Iron Maiden.

Slagger: He is a metahuman supervillain who was recently freed from Purgatory Prime. He is a geothermal phenomenon, able to cause mini-geothermal explosions and lava blasts.

Smax!: Justin Bradley doesn't know what the origin of his powers are, so he's invented the story where he's the son of Paul Bunyan and a Blackfoot goddess. Justin came from St. Paul to Los Angeles seeking fame and fortune, hoping to replace Tommy Champion as Nike's sponsored superhero Omega. That hope was dashed when Champion was cleared of murder charges, so Justin now calls himself Smax! and is seeking a new sponsor. Justin's a bitter kid in a town where everyone wants to use him. Smax! has superhuman strength and toughness, but his versatility increases when he becomes more self-confident.

S.N.A.F.U.: This group of industrial saboteurs certainly lives up to its name. The current roster includes Blue Screen, Gremlin, Glitch and Widget. The group has a reputation as being more effective nuisances than real dangers. They are not terribly coordinated, but do make fine decoys for any masterminds who employ them.

Los Soldados: A team of Latin American metahumans, Los Soldados originally band together to help fight crime in Central and South America. However, through Generallisimo Juan Hernandez' influence, this super-powered quintet has aimed their goals towards creating cultural unity throughout all Hispanic communities in the Western Hemisphere. Los Soldados consists of El Tornado, Tank (El Tanque), Oblivion (El Oscuro), La Scorpiona, and the missing-in-action El Jaguar.

Soulkiller: Midwestern villain, a failed preacher turned sorcerer who led a cult of demon-possessed soldiers, the Sun Devils, and whose powers came from reading a demonic "Book of Fire". Defeated by Tommy Champion prior to his career as Omega, who closed the book on him. Sunkiller was later killed by Macha.

Speedbump: A young, very annoying speedster. It was widely suspected by the rest of the team that he was Mighty's lover. He was killed by Lord Sin.

Star Master: Leopold Coznofski was a rising star (pun intended) in the world of astronomy. His radical theories of astrophysics fit new compelling evidence, and he was a shoo-in for a Nobel Prize if his research was published. A jealous colleague arranged an automobile "accident" for Leopold and stole his work. Leopold surfaced a few months later, but with a radically different personality. He now dressed in a gaudy costume and called himself Star Master. Star Master's crimes range from simple robbery to attempted world domination; the common thread is that they all have something to do with "stars." While Star Master has no actual superhuman powers, he is quite brilliant, and often carries devices he's designed. They either have "star" motifs, or are based on the latest astrophysical theories. In many ways, Star Master is an "old school" villain, heavy on the dramatic speeches and intricate deathtraps. He likes to think of himself as a "man of science", and despises astrology and those who believe in it. His hirelings are usually given simple costumes and called "Satellites."

Steel Saturn: Tall, imposing and hidden behind a suit of armor, Steel Saturn is the Liberation Coalition's personified arsenal and most powerful member. He is armed with an array of weapon systems and is replete with hypersonic flight capabilities. This mysterious high-tech juggernaut can also alter temporal energies, allowing him to control linear time and to teleport himself or others.

Avery Stone: Powerful sorcerer who works for the CIA. Twin brother of Alexi Stone. Occasional confidante of Omega.

Lexi Stone: Powerful sorceress who works for the CIA. Twin sister of Avery Stone.

Stormlord: Nominal leader of the New Legends, he was photogenic and good at dealing with the press. Sadly, in combat situations, he was prone to dithering and indecisiveness. He has weather control powers. After the breakup of the team, he married his longtime fiancee Botanist and moved to South America to save the rainforest.

Street Assassin: Street Assassin is a gang member who gained superhuman speed when he took high doses of amphetamines. He is believed to have died of a drug overdose in 1998.

Stretchin' Gretchen: A metahuman with the ability to stretch her limbs and a limited form of super strength, she was killed fighting along side the Allies during the Ireland War.

Dr. Stygia: Dr. Stygia is the mastermind behind the Tyrannical Trio. He wears battle armor, constructed for him by the Dictator, to augment his pyrokinetic powers. Although he was given a pardon for his services during the Ireland War, he soon returned to a life of crime.

Sylph: The flighty, elfish Sylph was born with special aerial powers. She drew the attention of Canada's RCMP at an early age, and was in turn recruited to join the ranks of Canadian Shield. Today, she continues to serve the super-team as one of its special operatives. Sylph is the twin sister of Nereid.

Tamorak: Lean and mean, Tamorak is a leather-cladded knight of Athurian ancestry.  He possesses great agility, ambidexterity, and he wields twoswords with deadly precision.

Tank (El Tanque): A hulking man of overdeveloped muscle, Tank is Los Soldados' strongman in residence. Generally quiet, he listens to Tornado and prefers to let his actions speak for him.

Think Tank: Once finding he was diagnosed with bone cancer, U.S. Army Colonel Samuel Leonard volunteered for Project Think Tank, a top secret military experiment involving the downloading of his consciousness into a hulking humanoid warmachine. Leonard's body has died long since the experiment, but his consciousness still resides in the powerful weapon. His detachment from humanity has made him criminally psychotic.

Tick-Tock: A brilliant inventor who specialized in clockwork gadgets, he is extremely flippant, and somewhat lazy. He invented the flight rings used by the team, modeled after a famous comic book. Tick-Tock sacrificed himself to spoil Lord Sin's empowerment spell, only to send it back in time to become the Bicentennial Boom.

El Tornado: Leader of Los Soldados, El Tornado is a metahuman that possesses the ability to fly, communicate telepathically, and attack people's minds. His Spanish name means both "The Tornado," and "The Changed One."

Totem: Thomas Walker claims to be the Blackfoot's "Chosen One," a warrior-shaman granted incredible powers by Na'Pi, the creator of the world. Walker is able to physically gestalt with the spirits of earth, wind, fire, and water, and uses this control over the natural elements to fight against the segregation and mistreatment of his indigenous brothers and sisters.

Transit: Young East Indian speedster, based in Vancouver. A member of the Opportunity.

Trefoil: Trefoil is an agent for the French government. Tested and tempered by an array of classified experiments, his powers place him to the Nth degree -- literally. He is a walking nuclear phenomenon, able to generate fiery plasma, fly at great speeds, hyper-regenerate bodily harm, and create and control plasmic force-fields. Trefoil is presumed to have been killed during the Battle for Ireland, but his body was never uncovered.

Trickster: A Native American metahuman, Lena Anderson possesses the unique ability to shapeshift. She was a special agent of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, and used her mutability as an international spy for many years. She was recently recruited by Canadian Shield to serve as one of its field operatives.

Trinity: Physicist Rebecca Conrad gained her powers due to a freak lab accident. Not only have her physical attributes been heightened three-fold from the incident, but she also gained the ability to triplicate her genetic structure -- able to make two free-willing replicas of herself for short periods of time. Conrad has since joined the Protectorate under the name Trinity.

The Tyrannical Trio: An alliance of moderately powered supervillains, the Tyrannical Trio consists of Dr. Stygia, Brickyard, and the Jabberwock. They were pardoned for their crimes for their assistance during the Ireland War, but have since returned to crime.

Umbra: Member of the disbanded Special Ops team The Nighthawks. Umbra has exotic powers related in some way to shadows, although he is apparently not especially vulnerable to light. Little is known about his powers, although rampant speculation has connected him in various ways with the Outsider.

UNSAID: Officially, United Nations Supernatural Accounts and Investigation Division. Unofficially, they represent a defense division formed against any more alien invasions after their previous experiences, as well as researching magic, tech, and other unique departments such as research theology. Of course, any knowledge of this group is just a rumor even to the UN people. In fact, there's a theory that this group belongs with UFOs, flying saucers, and the Loch Ness monster. One wild theory even proclaims that the Loch Ness monster is a Scottish member of UNSAID.

Vamp: Having lived for several centuries, Vamp considers her vampirism a gift of natural selection. She personifies beauty and longevity, and enjoys being worshipped as a goddess by her subordinates. She is evil, having fed off of countless people in her life time, and is fully aware of the extent of her powers. Vamp sees humanity as a weaker class -- they are, after all, her source of food.

Vast: One of the alien superbeings who returned from Zero Prison with Echelon. Vast is a jellyfish-like amoeba who wields weapons. A former alien general, he was sentenced to Zero Prison for committing war crimes.

Jorges Villanova: The son of Omega and Bandita, an infant boy who’s a genetic duplicate of Omega.

Virago: A skilled Marine, Niomi Smith was never appreciated by her fellow male soldiers. In fact, she was ostracized and sexually harassed, driven to leave the corps. Soon after she met Lady Hecate and was granted incredible strength, endurance, and resistance to harm. Niomi became Virago, the Matrons of Mayhem's muscle and enforcer.

Vox: Vox is an intelligent, entirely capable, woman with incredible persuasive powers. Through normal conversation, she can cast hypnotic suggestions to anyone she desires, but prefers to restrict herself to controlling just men. Vox seems like a refined lady, carrying herself with the elegance and social grace of a respectable woman. Her victims have other opinions, however.

Warders: The Warders are a team of highly-skilled correctional officers that keep close watch of the inmates within Purgatory Prime. They wear suits of durable tactical armor, providing them with the adequate offensive and defensive capabilities to confidently operate a facility designed for holding super-powered criminals.

Watchman: Formerly a member of the US Army's elite Delta Force, Mark Barrington watched his family gunned down by criminals and declared a personal war on all criminals, leaving a bloody wake behind him. After he successfully avenged his family, he founded the Mercury Squad, a mercenary squad of ex-commandos from around the world.

The Waxman: The Waxman is a shapechanging supervillain with an artistic motif. Once he was a simple thief, but over time, the Waxman has come to believe that crime is an artform, and now commits crimes around art themes. Recently, he's begun committing the most bizarre crimes that he can think of as a form of performance art.

Wedge: One of the few true AI's, Wedge was built by Carl Terrance. Its last known form was of a large mushroom with a dozen or so tentrils than end in hands or other small tools. Wedge often uses a Spider drone, a smaller AI that resembles a spider. The Spider Drone was built by Wedge to help him locate his creator. Its is not known if Wedge has built more.

White Ensign: Leader of the Ensigns, White Ensign has the ability to generate an energy field he calls, simply, "White Energy." Through manipulation of this energy, the Ensign can fly, emit powerful concussive blasts, manipulate objects from a distance, create near-impenetrable barriers around objects, absorb kinetic energy, resist temperature extremes as well as the vacuum of space and deep underwater pressure, and has manifested something on the order of a telekinetic radar.

Widget: A supervillain who relies on various devices and gadgets. A member of S.N.A.F.U.

Dr. Wight: Also known as Professor Wight, this dwarfish adventurer is reputed for his vocation as a paranormal investigator. He has been a long-standing fixture in the occult circles for not only his understanding of the supernatural, but for also his outstanding knowledge in alchemy.

Woman In Red: Mysterious woman, cloaked from head-to-toe in red silk, who leads the Omega Revenge Squad. The full extent of her powers in unknown, though she’s demonstrated telekinetic abilities.

Wraith: Scientist-turned-criminal Hector Kovacs has developed a spectrocapacitor, a high-tech psychic transmitter, allowing him to project his consciousness into an energy-like apparition. It was first believed that the spectrocapicitor induced a form of astral projection upon Kovacs, but it was soon revealed that his corporeal self was still awake and quite active while the energy form is present. In essence, the device allows the mad scientist to extend his psyche out into a ghost-like form. Kovacs goes by the name Wraith when operating his spectrocapacitor. He was pardoned for his crimes for his assistance during the Ireland War.

Wyvern: Wyvern was plain and simply a humanoid dragon. His thick hide provided him resistance to harm and his large, leathery wings allow him to fly at great speeds. His mutated thyroid gland created an inflammable chemical compound, which when exhaled would combust into a jet of flame. Wyvern heroically died during the great Battle for Ireland.

Xix: A strange, almost gladiatorial like alien clad in gold seeming armor stronger than steel, and using what he calls a power staff to deadly effect. Xix is clearly inhuman, with broad features, vaguely insectlike eyes and purple skin. He directs his attentions towards the strongest points of military power, or against Super heroes. Many do not know it, but Xix seems to be forcing humanity and its heroes to 'toughen up' in preparation for a greater threat. What that threat is, and whether it comes from Xix himself, or another mutual foe yet arrived, is unknown.

Yeomen: Four individuals dressed in medieval-style armor and rumored to be linked to ancestors from Arthurian legend, the Yeomen seem to be hired enforcers for the Royal Elite. Their members include Pelinore, Pendragon, Constantine, and Tamorak.

Zabreza: One of the alien superbeings who returned from Zero Prison with Echelon, Zabreza is an alien sorceress who is a feathered humanoid with three eyes and a tail.

Zodiac: When Soviet cosmonaut Mikhail Kovar investigated the presence of a monolithic satellite orbitting the Earth, an alien essence fused with his own, evolving him into the androgenous humanoid known as Zodiac. Zodiac possesses mysterious reality-warping powers and uses them to aid his role as guardian of the galaxy.

The Zebra: Adam Foster was a young, very unsuccessful lawyer, who took a case to defend the self-proclaimed warlock Ezra Jones, who had been defeated and incarcerated by Blur. Adam thought his client was a joke. He lost the case, demanded payment from his client and the warlock paid Foster by giving him superpowers. When Adam learned what he could do, he threw away his life as a lawyer and began a career as a costumed criminal. After numerous failures, he came to the realization that if he dressed obnoxiously enough, he could provoke superheroes to use excessive force against him and sue them, and so the Zebra was born. After a mediocre career as a mercenary, the Zebra was captured by Omega and forced to reform. The Zebra's currently struggling to use his powers in a more pro-social manner.

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