Each era has its own golden age; the beginning of the twenty first century is the start of a new one. Technologies have begun to appear which make life easier for the common man. Metahumans abound, both good and bad. There are organizations bent on global domination and control. Villains appear and are stopped by heros, some of whom give their lives for freedom and justice. There are news reports of damages associated with Metahuman battles in cities across the globe.

Rumors abound about magic, super-science and alien technologies, do they exist? The Titanís universe will explore those possibilities and hopefully bring you some entertainment as well.

The writing format is fairly wide open, there are no set time lines, The producer will do his best to keep plot threads and time lines straight, but those pesky time travelers have a habit of messing up even the best drawn time line.

The world is based on the champions 5th edition game system. All main characters will have character sheets once the full roster is set. Villains will be available on request, and on an as needed basis.

There may also be some cross over from one of the close universes where other Heros, Heroines and Villains live.

If you wish to write for the group, send an email with your proposed idea or an intro story, if it gets published on the site you will be invited ito join us and will be added to the mailing list.